A preview of the January 5, 2018,
        edition of The Carmel Pine Cone

January 5 - 11, 2018

Dear Readers,

You've undoubtedly seen all the news reports about the ins and outs of marijuana being legal in California as of New Year's, but did you know there's a cannabis store opening right in our own backyard? Chris Counts reports.

Meanwhile, the police are getting ready to enforce some of the restrictions in the new recreational marijuana law, and Monterey County's getting ready to hire a marijuana czar. Mary Schley and Kelly Nix have those stories.

Despite legal disputes from A to Z, a neglected inn on Carpenter Street is getting ready to reopen. Mary Schley has that one.

The city's investigation of allegations against Mayor Steve Dallas is just getting started. There's been another pit bull attack, this one on Jacks Peak. Cal Am has a video it hopes will help you understand your complicated water bill. A Pebble Beach couple is so fed up with a neighbor's complaints, they've filed a lawsuit to stop the "harassment." A Cannery Row restaurant has been hit with an ADA claim. The owners of Carmel Belle restaurant say the city's restrictions on how food is served in their new dining room aren't working. And my editorial offers some advice about how to cope with the smell of marijuana suddenly being pretty much everywhere.

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Paul Miller, Publisher

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