A preview of the June 17, 2016, edition
        of The Carmel Pine Cone

June 17 - 23, 2016

Dear Readers,

The new city council tackled yet another very thorny issue this week: Special events, what they should be allowed to do in the city's streets and parks, and how much they should pay for the privilege of doing it. Mary Schley reports.

Bulldozers were back at work at Carmel River State Beach this week, but what they were doing was the opposite of what they usually do. Chris Counts has that one.

How does a car end up smashed sideways into a tree and suspended several feet off the ground? That's what the CHP is trying to figure out after a fatal accident on Highway 1. We have a report, and a stunning photograph.

A dog that was lost in the Big Sur backcountry for more than two weeks has been reunited with his family, and he's acting like nothing even happened. Christ Counts also has that one.

Officials at the aquarium say they'll do everything they can to fight it, but the City of Pacific Grove is going ahead with a plan to charge a 5 percent admissions tax not only on the aquarium, but on every venue in town. Kelly Nix has that one.

A bevy of new appointments has been made to city boards and commissions, and the city also has a new HR manager. Meanwhile, next year's municipal budget will be more than $22 million. A teacher at P.G. High has been written up for alleged misconduct with students. A lawsuit has been filed alleging "electrocution" at the P.B. equestrian center. And my editorial wonders if the governor is really serious about his plan to make it pretty much impossible for cities and counties not to grant permits for affordable housing projects.

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Paul Miller, Publisher

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