A preview of the November 16, 2012,
        edition of The Carmel Pine Cone

November 16 - 22, 2012

Dear Readers,

A preliminary hearing this week to determine whether former county water director Steve Collins will face conflict of interest charges turned into an even more serious event for him as prosecutors presented a mountain of evidence that he fraudulently billed a consulting client. Kelly Nix reports.

The big-money activists who backed Marc Del Piero in his unsuccessful bid for county supervisor have also given a load of cash to an environmental lobbying group. Kelly has that one, too.

A federal wildlife agency wants to tear down Los Padres Dam after San Clemente Dam is gone. But Congressman Farr says there's no "plan" to tear down Los Padres Dam yet. Chris Counts has that one.

The owners of a Monterey County urology practice and doctors who send patients there have been administering extensive radiation treatments just to make money, according to an investigation by a national news agency. I have that story.

Mayor Jason Burnett takes a look at the plusses and minuses of his first six months in office. The teenager who killed a pedestrian near Carmel High School may face manslaughter charges. The proponent of the "People's Desal Project" says he "100 percent rejects" an independent consultant's report that didn't conclude his plan was best. A Carmel Valley group lost a bid to have the county planning commission lower the new housing limit for the valley. Volunteers are helping map Big Sur backcountry where the professionals failed. And my editorial asks the question, "What is government for?"

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