A preview of the August 5, 2011, edition of The Carmel Pine Cone

August 5 - 11, 2011

Dear Readers,

The city manager thought it sounded like a good idea to start charging for firefighter response to medical emergencies, but apparently nobody else did. Mary Schley reports one of the shortest controversies in Carmel history.

A Southern California attorney with a lot of experience defending naturists says anybody ticketed for nude sunbathing at Garrapata State Beach should fight the citation in court. Kelly Nix has the story.

The plan for condos at the site of the former Carmel hospital will get a new hearing at the county planning commission now that the developers have added affordable housing. Chris Counts has that one.

Despite all the controversy in Washington, it turns out the federal government has plenty of money to burn on trivial local historic preservation studies. Chris Counts also reports that story.

Carmel High's new theater had a defective roof, and the contractors are replacing it for free. The city attorney failed to convince the city council he deserved $70,000 in back pay. Councilmember Jason Burnett is working on yet another Plan B for the Monterey Peninsula's water supply. An art show opens this weekend with a unique canine theme. My editorial tries to figure out how government officials decide who should pay for what. And if you want to know what Al Qaeda has to do with the building the world's tallest building (instead of knocking it down), be sure to visit my hot Internet links.

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