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Monterey PD arrests two for possessing C.V. loot


Published: November 29, 2013

A SERIES of arrests by the Monterey Police Department last weekend not only solved a string of drug, identity theft and property crimes in that city, it may also have produced a break in the plague of burglaries that have hit Carmel Valley.

On Friday, Monterey police officers conducted a probation search at a hotel room in Seaside and arrested Alison Davi, 21, and Marcus Colello, 22, for possession of meth and heroin for sale, possession of narcotic paraphernalia, conspiracy and possession of stolen property.

“The stolen property is linked to recent burglaries in Carmel Valley,” according to Monterey police spokesperson Leslie Sonne.

Later that night, Jeffrey Hertling, 38, and Michael Perkun, 43, were arrested in Monterey, also on charges of possessing narcotics and stolen property, including a car reported stolen in Seaside and “property believed to be from recent resident burglaries,” Sonne said.

Recovered property included jewelry, electronics, and an high-end bicycle, she added.

Last week, about 400 Carmel Valley residents attended a community meeting hosted by Monterey County Sheriff Scott Miller to express their concern over the numerous break-ins of houses and cars that have occurred in their community.