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P.G. police cmdr. on paid leave 10 months

- Carmel IT manager and assistant also drawing paychecks but not working


Published: October 25, 2013

REMOVED FROM his job — but not from the payroll — in January, Pacific Grove Police Cmdr. John Nyunt has been receiving paychecks since he was placed on leave the day his wife, Kristin Nyunt, was arraigned on charges of identity theft, burglary and fraud.

Meanwhile, in Carmel, IT manager Steve McInchak and his assistant, automated systems technician Rose Franzen, also remain on paid administrative leave since being ordered out of their city office this spring. It’s unknown why Franzen was taken out of work, but police are investigating McInchak for alleged computer hacking and served a search warrant at his Carmel Valley home in early June.

So far, no police reports have been submitted to the district attorney’s office seeking charges against either Nyunt or McInchak, according to Monterey County Chief Assistant District Attorney Terry Spitz. A call to Seaside/Pacific Grove Police Chief Vicki Myers seeking an update on Nyunt’s leave and any potential criminal charges was not returned.

The case against Kristin Nyunt, meanwhile, has yet to make it to the preliminary hearing stage, when a judge will hear the arguments for charging her and determine whether sufficient evidence exists for the case against her to proceed. That hearing has been scheduled and rescheduled repeatedly since her arrest in January, with the next tentative date set for Nov. 21 before Monterey County Superior Court Judge Julie Culver.

At the time of her arrest, John Nyunt was placed on leave by the City of Pacific Grove. While Spitz would not comment on his status at this point, he told The Pine Cone earlier this year that search warrants were served at the Capitola home where Kristin and John Nyunt were living, as well as at Nyunt’s office at PGPD, in January.

The details of those warrants, including what information and evidence DA investigators sought in the searches, were not available, as the district attorney’s office requested the court seal the documents. The district attorney’s office took over the investigation at the request of former PGPD Chief Darius Engles before he retired in summer 2012, and the materials reportedly included email and other documents connected with Kristin Nyunt and her alleged felonious activities.

According to Tony McFarlane, administrative services manager for the City of Pacific Grove, John Nyunt has received salary of $98,000 and benefits valued at $34,527, for a total of $132,527, since he was placed on leave on Jan. 22.

Carmel numbers withheld

The City of Carmel would not provide compensation information for Franzen and McInchak, nor would officials acknowledge the request for those numbers. According to salary information for calendar year 2012, McInchak received $96,554.16 in pay and $12,399.24 in medical coverage, in addition to retirement contributions of $19,706.72. In total, he received $136,011.56. Extrapolating from that figure, McInchak has received roughly $56,671 in pay and benefits since being placed on leave since early June, when police officers, Carmel Police Chief Mike Calhoun, administrative services director Susan Paul and others served a search warrant at his home in Carmel Valley, confiscating computer equipment and other devices to undergo a forensic examination by consultant Mark Alcock.

Also placed on leave around the same time, Franzen was paid $79,560 in salary in 2012, as well as $5,952 in medical benefits and $15,715.11 in retirement contributions, for a total of $101,527.11. Using that figure, she has received about $42,303 since being placed on paid leave.