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Police log: Deer antics galore

Published: September 27, 2013

HERE’S A look at some of the significant calls logged by the Carmel-by-the-Sea Police Department and the Monterey County Sheriff’s Office last week. This week’s log was compiled by Mary Schley.


Pacific Grove: Man called police to report that someone entered his unlocked vehicle while it was parked along Ocean View Boulevard and stole his wallet. He called back later to report that he had found his wallet in his jacket.

Carmel area: Carmel resident reported finding an open window at his elderly mother’s house. No forced entry; nothing missing and nothing out of place.

Pacific Grove: Dispatched to a report of a vandalism on Forest Avenue, in which perpetrator threw water at a truck. Owner of truck stated he did not know the perpetrator. Nothing further.

Carmel area: Person reported that another person has been embezzling from him by writing fraudulent checks.


Carmel-by-the-Sea: Property manager on Monte Verde Street requested increased patrol over the weekend until locks can be changed. Tenants have vacated premises but still have property on site. Person advised police no one has permission to be on site. Civil matter at this time and no crime reported.

Carmel-by-the-Sea: Man on Junipero reported he received a threatening text from a former employee. Recently the resident had to close his barber shop in Santa Cruz. The employee is owed money from the business, and the man is in the process of bankruptcy. The man has advised the employee he will get paid in time. The employee then sent the man a text saying, “I’m going to your girlfriend’s work today. You better hit me up.” The man viewed this text as an indirect threat. He said the employee knows his girlfriend works in Carmel. He wanted this documented in case he showed up at her workplace.

Pacific Grove: A 23-year-old female was driving a vehicle with a defective left headlight. Upon being stopped and questioned, she admitted that she did not have a driver’s license and had never had one issued. She was arrested and transported to the station, where she was booked and then released with a citation.

Pacific Grove: Dispatched to a report of vandalism to a vehicle on Dewey by a passerby. Woman reported her vehicle was struck with a baseball bat by a male on a skateboard. She lost visual of the male and was not able to describe him. Nothing further.


Pacific Grove: Locust Street resident’s neighbor has become increasingly agitated about the resident’s blacksmithing from his backyard. Neighbor lives directly behind the resident and immediately starts yelling at him when he works. He explained that he can only blacksmith between the hours of 1400 and 1700 and believes this is a reasonable timeframe. Resident did not want PGPD to make contact with neighbor at this time, and just wanted information. Resident was advised that those hours of operation are OK, and to contact the P.D. if problems persist. Resident provided a typed letter explaining the situation further.

Carmel Valley: Deputies were dispatched to a male lying on the ground. He was found to be heavily intoxicated and was transported to Monterey County Jail.

Carmel area: Driver called 911 to report his vehicle was broken into while it was parked on Highway 1 and he was hiking in Point Lobos State Reserve.

Pacific Grove: An anonymous female caller reported to dispatch that a deer had an 8-foot-long pole stuck to its antlers. Officers located the deer and followed it throughout a neighborhood while they waited for an SPCA technician to arrive. The deer evaded officers and the SPCA technician. Dispatch and state fish and game wardens were advised.

Carmel Valley: Driver was contacted during a traffic stop on Carmel Valley Road and found to be DUI. He taken into custody by CHP.


Carmel-by-the-Sea: While backing on a public roadway on Seventh Avenue, a vehicle collided with another vehicle that was stopped at a stop sign. No injuries.

Carmel-by-the-Sea: Woman reported losing her handbag on San Carlos Street. An interior search was conducted, and the handbag was found. Everything was intact — no further action.

Carmel-by-the-Sea: A vehicle was stopped on Dolores Street for a defective brake lamp, and the 30-year-old male driver was found to be unlicensed. The registered owner, a 50-year-old male, admitted to knowing the driver was unlicensed and was also cited for loaning a vehicle to an unlicensed driver. Vehicle was towed/impounded by Carmel Towing.

Pacific Grove: Subject resisted paramedics while being prepped for transport on 5150 W&I. PGPD assisted state parks. Officer received minor injury during struggle.

Pacific Grove: Officer was dispatched to a report of an attempted burglary at a commercial building on Forest Avenue. Employee discovered front doors were pried, but the suspect was unsuccessful in opening the doors.

Carmel Valley: Mother reported her 18-year-old son missing from their Berwick Drive residence since Sept. 6


Carmel-by-the-Sea: Citizen assist in regards to an elderly citizen who may be in need of intervention from family members to oversee their mother’s living situation. The family member was contacted and was updated accordingly. Resources were provided to the family member for further advocacy and guidance.

Pacific Grove: Female on Egan had an argument with her husband. She was upset her husband does not spend enough time with her and works too much. She also stated that her husband needs anger management.

Carmel-by-the-Sea: Woman on Casanova called indicating she attempted to reconcile with her former boyfriend, but events and issues prohibited her from fulfilling this. She has ended the relationship, but the estranged boyfriend continues to call her and disturb/harass her. No prosecution sought; however, she wished for the matter to be documented. Party was counseled and will be seeking legal action by procuring a restraining order.

Carmel-by-the-Sea: Barking dog complaint on Ocean Avenue from several residents. Upon arrival, officer heard dog barking almost incessantly. Unable to locate dog owner, but will follow up with animal control officer.

Carmel-by-the-Sea: A vehicle stop was conducted on Scenic Road per a citizen’s complaint, and the 27-year-old male driver was found to be in possession of an open container of alcohol and medications without a prescription. The subject posted bond and was released from the station to his mother.

Pacific Grove: Subject was driving on 17 Mile Drive when a deer ran across the street. Subject tried to avoid hitting the dear and hit a parked vehicle.

Pacific Grove: Officer was dispatched to a phone detail in regards to fraudulent credit card charges on Forest Avenue. Man stated he last used his credit card at a gas station. He discovered his credit card number had been used to purchase $750 worth of gas in the Los Angeles area the same day he used his credit card to purchase gas. He believes his credit card was possibly skimmed at the gas station.

Pacific Grove: Victim placed three checks in her mailbox ready for pick up the following day. Victim discovered checks were taken out of her mailbox.

Carmel Valley: Idaho resident reported losing her jewelry while she was at her vacation home in Carmel Valley.


Carmel-by-the-Sea: Medical emergency on Guadalupe Street. Assistance was provided to resident. Fire department and ambulance responded. The patient was transported to CHOMP for further medical review. Adult protective services referral was also completed.

Carmel-by-the-Sea: Report of a fall on Mission Street.

Pacific Grove: Officer was dispatched to a possible violation of a restraining order on Arkwright Court. Resident stated the subject in the restraining order had violated court order and wanted the subject arrested. Upon investigation, it was determined the subject had not violated any court orders. Because both parties resides in the same complex, both the resident and subject were advised that whoever arrives at the bus stop first is allowed to stay and the other party is to stay away.

Pacific Grove: Person on Austin Avenue has seen and heard a mountain lion for the past three nights. Resident stated she saw blood in her backyard which she believes the mountain lion has attacked and possibly eaten raccoons. Fish and game was notified. Request report be forwarded to animal control.

Pacific Grove: Officer was dispatched to a resident who believed to have found controlled drugs in his son’s backpack. The pills were found in a ziplock bag located inside the backpack. Resident’s son stated the pills were over-the-counter pills and old antibiotics that were prescribed to him several months ago. The bag of pills were taken into the station for investigation. It was discovered the pills were prescribed to the resident’s son. The pills consisted of antibiotics and over-the-counter pain pills. The backpack and pills were returned at the residence.

Pacific Grove: Ninth Avenue resident received a phone call from collection agency. Resident stated she did not open a Visa account in which she now owes $1,400. No suspect.

Pebble Beach: Pebble Beach resident reported seeing an unknown male looking through his trash can on his property.


Carmel-by-the-Sea: Subject reported misplacing his Hertz rental car keys somewhere in the City of Carmel.

Carmel-by-the-Sea: Vehicle towed per section 22651 CVC, blocked driveway, on San Carlos Street.

Carmel-by-the-Sea: Over the period of approximately one year, a woman has been sexually assaulted by her coworker at their workplace on Carpenter Street. On one incident, the suspect orally copulated the victim. On the second incident, the suspect masturbated in front of the victim. Multiple other attempts of rape without success against victim. Victim reported the incident after confronting the suspect and notifying her boss.

Carmel-by-the-Sea: Man came into the station to report he was being harassed by a neighbor on Santa Fe. At about 1230 hours, the resident was walking by the neighbor’s house. The neighbor called him an “idiot” and yelled he “had a dust pan.” He also told the resident, “Look out for my car.” The reference to the car was from a previous case where the neighbor told the resident he may accidentally hit him when he is driving. The dust pan reference was from the initial report of illegal dumping the resident witnessed in 2012. Officer spoke with the neighbor at the station. He admitted to making the comments and said he was wrong to do so. Officer advised the neighbor his comments were not warranted or welcome to the resident. The neighbor agreed and said he would not speak to the resident in the future.

Pacific Grove: Arkwright Court resident complained about the restrained party violating restraining order. Case forwarded to DA’s office for review.

Pacific Grove: Married couple involved in verbal dispute at Arkwright Court. Info only.

Pacific Grove: Person observed a male exposing himself while walking eastbound along the rec trail on Ocean View. Attempts to locate the male were met with negative results.

Pacific Grove: Woman on 18th Street reported she opened a checking account and was waiting for checks to come. Checks taken from mailbox, and two of the checks were cashed.

Pacific Grove: A 16-year-old female walked to the station to get away from her mother, with whom she said she had been arguing. No one had been assaulted. Officers transported her back home and spoke with the mother, who confirmed the teenager’s description of the incident.

Carmel area: Man reported unknown suspects covered his cars with trash and dirt, causing no permanent damage.

Carmel Valley: Citizen reported an attempted phone scam.

Carmel Valley: Person on Los Laureles Grade reported info and wanted firearms stored for safekeeping.

Carmel Valley: Resident on Berta Canyon Road reported being assaulted.

Carmel Valley: Resident at Princess Camp reported unknown subjects entered his tool shed and stole property.

Carmel Valley: A female Carmel Valley resident was stopped at Berwick Drive and Carmel Valley Road due to a vehicle code violation. The driver was arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol.


Carmel Valley: A Carmel man was stopped at Carmel Valley Road and Valley Greens Drive for vehicle code violations. He was found to be DUI.

Carmel-by-the-Sea: San Carlos Street resident wished to report a theft of services at his residence. He said he noticed a golf cart was parked on his property on Monday. He forgot to report this to the police until Thursday. On Sept. 11, workers at his house reported that the golf cart was plugged in to the home’s electricity and it was blocking their work area. The golf cart was towed. The owner came into the station to claim the golf cart and claimed that he was given permission to park and plug in by a worker on the site. The resident confirmed that the worker did work for him but maintained that the permission to use electricity did not come from him.

Carmel-by-the-Sea: Community services officer responded to a barking dog complaint on Santa Rita and placed a courtesy notice on the front door. Animal control officer completed a followup and made contact with the dog owner. The dog owner recently purchased a bark collar, and the officer observed it working on the dog. Information obtained and a warning given.

Carmel-by-the-Sea: Traffic collision on Carmelo Street. Property damage only.

Carmel-by-the-Sea: Person located a subject staying in a Junipero Street hotel room he had not paid for. Person did not desire prosecution but wanted documentation. Subject has had previous history with the police department and mental health issues. Support services were arranged through the “I-HELP program.” Subject will be provided lodging and dinner tonight, and referred to veteran affairs tomorrow.

Carmel-by-the-Sea: Traffic accident on Fourth Avenue. Property damage only.

Carmel-by-the-Sea: Man called the station to report losing his messenger bag containing his Go-Pro camera. He wished to make a report in case the item was found and turned over to the police department. A brief description of the items were provided.

Pacific Grove: Person reported harassing emails from an ex-boyfriend. Subject contacted and advised to have no further contact with the victim.

Pacific Grove: Woman reported fraudulent money orders were sent to her in response to an Internet advertisement for mystery shoppers.

Pacific Grove: Vehicle involved in an accident on Cedar Street, and the driver 72-year-old female was contacted and found to be DUI.

Pebble Beach: Person reported a possible past-tense sexual assault. Upon contact, “victim” provided no statements or details about the incident.

Carmel area: Carmel Woods resident reported the theft of her car cover.

Carmel area: A woman was battered by a former boyfriend.