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Fugitive on the loose in Big Sur


Published: April 19, 2013

POLICE ARE still looking for a notorious robbery suspect who’s wanted in numerous parts of the state and who led them on a dangerous high-speed chase along Highway 1 in Big Sur, ditched a stolen car in Palo Colorado Canyon, swiped another vehicle from a resident, and somehow slipped past deputies who were hot on his trail — all on Wednesday.

Wanted in Santa Cruz and Sonoma counties for his possible role in a string of robberies and car thefts — and considered armed and dangerous — 42-year-old Dimitri Storm, described as a “transient,” was on the lam when he surfaced in Big Sur April 16. Witnesses reported seeing him at the Maiden Pub that night, and police said he threatened a clerk at the Big Sur River Inn’s General Store the next morning. He later left in a gray Lexus sedan that was recently reported stolen from the Carmel area.

Monterey County sheriff’s deputy Dan Mitchell saw Storm driving north along Highway 1 in the Lexus at about 12:40 p.m. “I attempted to catch up with the vehicle, but it fled northbound on Highway 1 at speeds exceeding 100 mph,” the deputy reported.

Storm almost caused an accident along Highway 1 near Andrew Molera State Park, where a road crew was working. “The vehicle nearly collided with other vehicles and construction workers,” Mitchell said.
And he came close to causing a wreck just south of the

Rocky Creek Bridge, where another road crew is building a viaduct. “The suspect fled at high speed through the construction site, [again] nearly causing traffic collisions with vehicles and workers,” Mitchell explained.

Heading north on Highway 1, Storm turned right on Palo Colorado Road and followed it for 1.5 miles before reaching Garrapatos Road. From there, he turned left and followed that route until he was stopped by a gate, according to a nearby resident, Scott Bogans. From there, he abandoned the car and set out on foot
In an effort to locate Storm, police brought in a helicopter, a plane and a K-9 unit, but the fugitive’s luck held out, and after apparently hiking a couple miles up steep terrain, Bogans surmised, he stole a Jeep Grand Cherokee from a resident on Green Ridge and followed a dirt road back to Palo Colorado Road. At about 10 p.m. that night, he passed sheriff’s deputies posted along the county road.

“Deputies spotted a gray Jeep Grand Cherokee traveling west,” the sheriff’s office said. “The driver looked away from deputies as he passed them and almost hit them head on. He continued to Highway 1, entered without stopping, and proceeded northbound at a high rate of speed. By the time deputies entered Highway 1, they were unable to locate the vehicle.”

The next morning, a vehicle matching the description of the stolen Jeep Grand Cherokee was found abandoned in the Carmel Highlands.

A widely circulated mug shot of Storm — who is 5-foot, 10-inches tall and weighs 180 pounds — shows him with a clean-cut appearance. But locals described him as “scruffy” and a “tweaker” with longer hair. He is said to be wearing a black beanie, a black shirt or jacket and blue sweat pants.

Anyone with information about Storm’s whereabouts is encouraged to contact the sheriff’s office. Call (888) 833-4TIP.