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CHS science building taking shape


Published: March 29, 2013

THE 6,000-SQUARE-FOOT fan-shaped science building being constructed on the formerly vacant upper field at Carmel High School should be ready for classes by mid-October, according to Carmel Unified School District chief business official Rick Blanckmeister.

“It all depends on the weather,” he said last week.

The new structure will contain three classrooms, each one half lab and half with desks and a whiteboard — a setup that will enable students and teachers to move between the two settings without a lot of downtime in between.

One end of each of the three rooms will connect with a “prep room for teachers to be preparing coursework and chemicals,” he added.

Kent Construction is doing the work and has 260 days to complete the job, according to the district’s agreement with the contractor. The project is costing taxpayers $2.3 million, as well as $475,000 to reconfigure and improve the adjacent parking lot, according to Blanckmeister.

“The parking lot right at that area is going to expand and accommodate another 40 spots,” he said. “That was a critical piece.”

Admin building next

As soon as the science building is ready for use, workers in the school’s administration building will relocate there while the structure is demolished and rebuilt, he said. Originally, the district had planned to remodel the admin building, which is located at the front of the campus between the theater and the library, and includes the principal’s and vice principal’s offices, student store, counselors’ offices, teachers’ break room, attendance office and visitor check-in. But upon further investigation, it made more sense to tear it down and begin anew, according to Blanckmeister.

“The goal is to have the design finished and approved by the end of this calendar year, so that early next year, construction could begin so it would be occupied by the fall 2014,” he said. NTD Architecture has been contracted to do the design, and Kent Construction will build it.