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P.G. school janitor was paid more than $109K last year


Published: March 29, 2013

THE SUPERINTENDENT of the Pacific Grove Unified School District, Ralph Porras, was paid $216,685.32 last year — $28,735.85 less than his counterpart at the Carmel school district — but one employee of PGUSD is surely one of the highest paid anywhere for his profession. Custodian Miguel Soria, who takes care of the buildings and grounds at Pacific Grove High School, received total compensation of $109,372.88 in 2012, according to school district records.

Soria’s income as a school custodian included $51,276 in base pay, $17,704.62 in overtime, $23,381.86 in “other” — described by PGUSD payroll/benefits coordinator Milena Dicks as “professional growth and longevity pay” — for a total gross salary of $92,362.48. Another $17,010.40 was paid toward his retirement.

All told, PGUSD spent $16,787,975.72 to compensate 283 people on its payroll in 2012, according to salary information provided by district officials in response to a public records act request from The Pine Cone. Of those workers, 40 grossed six-digit salaries, though only Porras broke the $200,000 barrier, grossing $200,171.20. He also received $16,514.12 for his public employees retirement account.

Richard Miller, assistant superintendent, followed, with gross pay of $168,981.57, and $31,121.34 in retirement contributions, while P.G. High School principal Matt Bell grossed $160,250.72, with $13,220.68 toward his retirement account. Robert Down principal Linda Williams came in fourth in the Top 10 highest income earners in PGUSD, receiving gross pay of $134,112.21, plus retirement contributions totaling $11,064.26.

Fifth was Cynthia Gallo, who handles special education and student services for the district and grossed $131,693.21 last year, plus $10,864.69 in retirement contributions. HR director Billie Mankey received $131,693.21, plus $24,253.94 in retirement contributions, and PGHS vice principal Barbara Martinez received gross pay of $131,693.21, plus $10,864.69 toward her retirement.

Forest Grove principal Mariphil Romannow-Cole grossed $130,240, with $10,744.80 contributed toward retirement, and eighth was P.G. Middle School principal Timothy Roggeman, whose gross pay totaled $128,764.21, plus $10,623.05 for his retirement account.

Rounding out the Top 10 was PGMS vice principal Maryn San Filippo, who grossed $119,882.21, plus $9,890.28 in contributions toward her retirement.

The district’s highest paid teacher, Patricia Long at PGHS, came in 11th overall, grossing $117,091.40, with an additional $9,660.04 deposited in her retirement account. Two dozen more teachers grossed between $108,149 and $100,803; another two dozen received gross pay ranging from $98,575 to $90,174; and an additional two dozen grossed from $89,022 to $80,124.

School psychologists Dessie Zanger and Leslie King received gross pay of $114,366 and $114,366, respectively.
In general, employees in the district’s maintenance, operations and transportation department — including bus drivers, groundskeepers and maintenance workers — were paid the most overtime. Bus driver Joel Drucker, for instance, received $9,757.66 in overtime toward his gross pay of $40,391.

All told, the district paid out $14,883,077.01 in base pay, $59,323.70 in overtime, and $1,845,575.01 in professional growth and longevity, for total gross salaries of $16,787,975.72 in 2012. Total retirement contributions were $1,824,465.86.