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Eastwood interview brings national spotlight to Pine Cone (briefly)


Published: September 14, 2012

HERE’S HOW famous Clint Eastwood is: The world will beat a path to your door just because you talked to him.

The Pine Cone’s interview with the former mayor about his appearance at the Republican National Convention — the only one he’s given since the event — hit the Internet last Thursday at 9 p.m. Overnight, pretty much nobody noticed except the paper’s regular readers.

But at 6:45 the next morning, a link to The Pine Cone’s story went up on, a respected website of commentary and aggregated content from around the web. At about the same time, a link to The Pine Cone’s Eastwood story was added to a similar site, A few minutes later, the Drudge Report picked up the story and put it on its front page. And then the floodgates opened.

“Whether they loved what Eastwood said to the Republicans or hated it, everybody seemed very interested in the details about how he decided what to say, what transpired behind the scenes, and how Eastwood reacted to the hoopla he caused,” said Pine Cone publisher Paul Miller, who wrote the story. “By 10 o’clock on Friday, our office was besieged with phone calls and emails.”

“Inside Edition,” “Nightline” and The NBC News bureau in Burbank were among the early callers, wanting to know if Miller had any video or audio tape of his Eastwood interview (he didn’t). The Canadian Broadcasting Company and KCBS radio in San Francisco also called, wanting interviews with Miller.

Associated Press reporter Greg Risling was on the phone seeking verification the story wasn’t a hoax. MSNBC emailed a request for Miller to be a guest on its Sunday week-in-review show, “Weekends with Alex Witt.” CNN also wanted him for a live shot. Etc., etc.

“My 15 minutes of fame had definitely started,” Miller said.

“It was like a flood, or a riptide,” said his daughter, Hannah, 23, who works the front office at The Pine Cone on Fridays. “Every time I tried to step away from my desk for a minute, the phone dragged me back.”

As the morning progressed, thousands of websites, newspapers and radio and TV stations around the country began to carry versions of The Pine Cone’s Eastwood interview.

Many, such as the New York Times, Huffington Post and Chicago Tribune, posted links to The Pine Cone’s story on their websites, along with some original reporting about what Eastwood said.

Other media reporters and commentators, such as the Washington Post’s Jen Chaney and’s John Nolte, began to speculate why Eastwood had chosen The Pine Cone for his first interview, despite receiving interview requests from numerous higher-profile reporters.

By talking to The Pine Cone, Eastwood “may be hoping to blunt any impact the whole episode will have on publicity [for his next movie]. Or he may have simply felt like talking to The Pine Cone. Or both.” Chaney wrote.

Others took a strictly humorous approach. “Last week Eastwood talked to an empty chair, this week to a pine cone,” tweeted former Bill Clinton adviser Paul Begala.

And Jimmy Kimmel joked that “Carmel Pine Cone” sounded like a new autumn drink at Starbucks.

But some commentators were miffed or condescending. “Clint Eastwood explained himself to The Carmel Pine Cone,” said Anderson Cooper on his primetime show on CNN. “I’m sure we’ve all heard of it.”

“I’m surprised he would say that, because his show is an aggregator of the web, just like everybody else,” said Joe Malchow, whose consulting firm, Publir, specializes in Internet commentary and blogging sites. “The Pine Cone is the master of news in Carmel, and when something important happens there, it’s The Pine Cone you go to.”

Meanwhile, Fox News, CNN and MSNBC all reported The Pine Cone’s scoop repeatedly throughout the day, “Eastwood interview” was one of the most searched terms on Google, Yahoo and other search engines, and the original version of the story was being downloaded from The Pine Cone’s site almost 10,000 times an hour.

As the big media outlets reported The Pine Cone’s Eastwood story, emails to Miller from readers began to pour in. Many expressed appreciation to Eastwood for the things he said at the convention and praised The Pine Cone for reporting his response to the criticism he received. Others thought the story was further proof of Eastwood’s “foolishness.” And quite a few people wanted the paper to send Eastwood a song they had written or their brilliant idea for a movie. The paper also added hundreds of subscribers to its email edition.

Friday evening, “NBC Nightly News” and “ABC World News Tonight” carried full reports about the Eastwood story, filling the TV screens of millions of viewers with closeups of The Pine Cone’s front page and quoting the story extensively. Sunday, Miller appeared on MSNBC, and Monday he was on CNN. But by later in the week, the furor had ended.

“Now it’s back to the water shortage, pensions for public employees, the police log and dogs without leashes,” Miller said.

- Eastwood reaction galore

The following is a sample of the emails received by The Pine Cone from Friday to Sunday in reaction to the interview with Clint Eastwood published Sept. 7.

‘What’s up with Clint?’

Dear Editor,

“When a politican doesn’t do the job, It’s time to let him go.” I don’t agree with this remark made by Clint Eastwood to an empty chair at the National Republican Convention in Tampa on September 6. Clint also said that we “don’t have to worship politicians like they were royalty or something.” What? Is Clint Eastwood senile or something? Nobody worships Barack Obama. I think the public media is pretty fair and balanced about national election coverage (except for Fox News, The Wall Street Journal and The Carmel Pine Cone). Barack Obama is our first black president, and we should support him, despite the damage that George W. Bush did to our economy and our international relations. Stick with the Obama/Biden ticket in November. They’ll do it better next time, maybe.

Carol Marquart, Pacific Grove

‘Clint is timeless’

Dear Editor,

As I watched the Republican Convention, it was so-so as conventions go. Then Clint Eastwood took the stage, along with an empty chair, and necks began to crane, wondering, I suppose, why he wasn’t sitting on it. It soon became apparent as he began to talk, what the purpose of the chair was. When he got directly to the point, I’ll bet the Good Ol’ Boys backstage were really sweating. Our family laughed until we cried, because any sort of humor in both parties is strictly out.

The newspapers here in Florida tried not to label Clint, but the Democrats labeled him as old, and out of touch. I must say, as far as the “little people” are concerned, Clint is neither. He remained true to his beliefs, stated them well, and turned the convention into a laughing, cheering bunch. No sad faces there, and no political correctness!

We appreciate what Clint said, and we’d like to say a hearty thank you to him for his honesty & the courage for saying exactly what was on his mind. By the way, for us, Clint is timeless, and I hope that everyone realizes what a good guy he is!

Nancy Pitcher, Avon Park, Fla.

Applause for Clint

Dear Editor,

Let’s give a big round of applause to Clint Eastwood for stating that “Obama is the biggest hoax ever perpetrated on the American public.” Amen to that; Obama’s whole life is a hoax and a lot more people are onto the real intentions of this president. The movie “2016” ought to open a lot of minds to what this administration’s real goals are. If we lose this election, it will be the end of the United States of America as we know it. At least one Hollywood actor has the gumption to state the truth!

Karen Foster, Glenwood Springs, Colo.

‘What do you hate?’

Dear Editor,

Putting aside your admiration for Clint Eastwood and outrage that anyone would dare to criticize him, one wonders at the “objectivity” of your editorial page.

I personally liked Mr. Eastwood in the era when he ran for mayor of Carmel to build the buildings that were denied. He is now much richer and more influential.

However, as Bill Clinton said in his talk to the DNC, why do you have to hate the people that disagree with you? In a democracy it’s OK to disagree with people, that’s what makes the world go around. Calling people names because they have different opinions than you (left-wing shill) calls into question your objectivity. One would hope you might keep this in mind when writing editorials.

C. David Jensen, Carmel

Obama’s ‘Godless agenda’

Dear Editor,

Clint Eastwood “made my day” with his “Invisible Obama” speech at the Republican National Convention. He is right in claiming that “Obama is the greatest hoax ever perpetuated on the American people.”

Four years ago, Obama campaigned for the “audacity of hope,” appearing as an “angel of light.” Since becoming president, he has militantly and forcefully fought to establish and entrench in the minds, hearts, souls and behavior of Americans the dark evils of abortion, sterilization, homosexuality, contraception and embryonic stem-cell research. Where religious freedom and the economy are concerned, he has become the “invisible president.”

Now that his mask is off, Americans can no longer sit on the sidelines and allow themselves to be ruled by a president drunk with power. They must engage Obama’s challenge. They must take up the good fight to ensure that he is not given another term in which to destroy the very soul of America with his anti-life, anti-family, anti-religious policies.

It’s nice to see that there are still some “beautiful people” left in decadent Hollywood that have not been totally taken in by the charlatan Obama and his Godless agenda.

Hopefully, some of them will take the hint and leave their egos at the door long enough to become a “Magnum Force” for Romney to take the White House this November.

Paul Kokoski, Hamilton, Ontario

More Eastwoods needed

Dear Editor,

He nailed it. We need more Eastwoods in this world. We are running too short on integrity.

D.S. Snyder, Roseville

Thanks for ‘great reporting’

Dear Editor,

Bravo! You guys actually reported just the facts! My husband and I (From California, but now living in Alabama) loved Mr. Eastwood’s speech. He hit it perfectly. Now we, like many others around the country have an empty chair sitting on our front lawn. Thanks again for your great reporting.

Leah McComas, Eufaula, Ala.

‘Unbiased, objective article’

Dear Editor,

That was an excellent, unbiased and objective article on the Clint Eastwood’s speech at the
Republican Convention and its aftermath. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it.   It was also good to be able to catch a glimpse of what Mr. Eastwood felt about the media reaction to his ‘presentation’ from all sides, as well as what he felt about it in retrospect; all of this particularly in light of it being as improvisational as apparently it was. It is something that I wondered about after the convention was over, and the your writing responded to my curiosity.

Thank you for a very insightful article. I’m recommending it to everyone I know.

Kevin McGrath, Santa Monica 

‘Thanks for not making it short’

Dear Editor,

Thanks very much for the story on Clint Eastwood’s RNC appearance. I was one of those cheering for him that evening.

I was concerned about the numerous attacks on him that same night and the days after. I didn’t want him to regret the things he said. But I guess he’s doing fine and his fans shouldn’t worry.

Please let him know that his follow up comment that Obama was a hoax is just as sweet, and it is music to our ears.

I’ve seen Clint Eastwood’s movie, “Josey Wales,” numerous times and I have to say that it is my favorite. I refuse to see his movies where his character is killed; I just can’t stand it. Don’t we just wish that he’d stick around forever; the man and the actor? He is one of those people I wish would never get old. ;-)

I enjoyed reading the story. Thanks for not making it short.

Elena McHone, Marina

‘Takes a man with strong character’

Dear Editor,

Just read your newspaper article about Mr. Eastwood. I, too, thought his presentation was offbeat, but HILARIOUS! Most middle of the road folks like me found him a breath of fresh air amongst the cookie-cutter convention speeches. He hit the nail on the head. I was one of those willing to give Obama a chance four years ago, but he never lived up to the hype. Nobody’s perfect, but it’s become very apparent that he’s in way over his head. It’s definitely time to let him go.

Please convey to Mr. Eastwood there are lots of Texans quite proud of him for verbalizing what so many of us have been thinking. He didn’t have to stick his neck out and become a media target. Takes a man with strong character to do that.

Congrats to you, too, for the fine article you wrote. I really enjoyed reading it. I wish you continued success!

Dayna Fowler, Fort Worth, Texas

‘Few left like you’

Dear Editor,

You’re nothing less than a modern day Patriot, no matter who votes for whom. I sincerely appreciate your superb writing skills, intellect, sense of humor, irreverence (Lord knows we need it) and lay of the land.

You’re fair, you’re honest, you dodge bullets literally every day for just being objective, but somehow that’s not enough for people who disagree with you thinking you’re not supporting “their agenda” instead of the “objective agenda”.

You’re one in 300 million and there are few left like you. Seriously.

Do you realize despite the criticism, bodily harm and death threats you receive every week, how many people count on you, rely on you, respect and adore you?

Tiny thoughts from a big fan.

Jenny Russell, Malibu

‘Bamboozled by empty chair’

Dear Editor,

I thoroughly enjoyed your article on Clint Eastwood and his “Mission Accomplished” comment. I have to agree with the brilliant and successful actor. His mission was accomplished and he really ticked off the left wing extremists. His “empty chair” performance in Tampa speaks volumes not only about Mr. Eastwood’s intellect, but he gave us more than we expected. I admire him and his non-use of the teleprompter, and for being truly honest with the audience.

I only wish we had more citizens like Clint Eastwood, as he still has the knowledge, the brains and the grit to let the people of America know they are being bamboozled by the “empty chair” in the White House. America loves this man (Americans with brains, that is).

Both my husband and I are senior citizens and we have enjoyed Clint Eastwood throughout the years, even going to Carmel and dining at the Hog’s Breath Inn (when he owned it) in hopes of having a chance to meet him. We love all his movies, his acting and, most of all, his political expertise in being able to expose the man in the oval office.

“President Obama is the greatest hoax ever perpetrated on the American people,” says Mr. Eastwood. He hit the nail right on the head. You cannot fool the Hollywood legend.
Thank you so much for writing this article and for getting Mr. Eastwood’s comments out to all. We love this man.

Jan Herron, Evergreen, Colo.

Obama ‘worn out, stale’

Dear Editor,

Great interview and discussion on the “Clint Eastwood empty chair.” I thought Eastwood was brilliant! The entire “schtick” was witty, creative, and to the point! Obama is a worn out, stale reflection of the past. We desperately need new leadership, and Clint’s portrayal of Obama took him apart piece by piece. His failed promises, policies, lack of leadership on anything, were clearly on display by Clint Eastwood that night. I believe the left was taken aback that their chosen “Messiah” was finally taken down on center stage. Oh the horror of it all!

Thomas Garchar, Coral Springs, Fla.

‘Republicans’ propaganda machine’

Dear Editor,

It should have been George W. Bush, not President Obama, that Clint Eastwood interrogated during Eastwood’s mean-spirited appearance at the Republican convention. Republicans have conveniently eliminated the shameful Bush-Cheney years from their propaganda machine.

Frank DiMarco, Portland, Ore.

‘A true patriot’

Dear Editor,

Thanks for a great interview of Clint Eastwood. He is a true patriot: courageous, unequivocal and selfless.

He stands on the shoulders of those who came before him.

Denise Jordan, Lynden, Wash.

Obama ‘dividing the country’

Dear Editor,

Thank you for your article. The only way I got to read it was through the Drudge Report, which I scan every day for the true journalistic writing, the best of which never seems to get posted “out there!”

I am 69 years old and am bored by the scripted, politically correct, liberal talking heads of the media, constantly trying to sway us to their way of thinking. I thought Clint Eastwood’s presentation was refreshing and he was speaking what he sees as truth. And it was the truth! Obama and his handlers did pull the wool over our eyes, but some of us older ones could see the truth. An empty suit and an empty chair ran this great nation for four years, bypassing Congress to play President, guessing at what would work best to divide the citizens and weaken the country.

Thank you again. I pray for our country and hope that Romney/Ryan will prevail and we can get on with nation building!

Phyllis Douthat, Richmond, Va.

‘Very effective message’

Dear Editor,

Please get the message to Mr. Eastwood that he did an outstanding job at the Republican Convention. His appearance was very meaningful and refreshing—it was very effective. He is being criticized only because he got his message across too well. Apparently the crowd there loved him, and the “average Joes” at home loved him. I am so thankful he is a “star” who will take a stand for our country.

Rita Purser, Star, Miss.

‘I might have to stir things up’

Dear Editor,

Thank you for the great article about Clint Eastwood’s speech. His speech was creative and it just goes to show why he’s been so successful, in all of his life’s work. Your coverage of the background and behind the scenes was easy to read and comprehensive. I almost felt like I was standing there watching over Mr. Eastwood’s shoulder. Nice job.

My wife and I were in Carmel-By-The-Sea for our honeymoon. Beautiful area. We stayed at Tickle Pink Inn and had a great time. We also walked down to the beach at the end of Ocean Avenue. We enjoyed visiting the aquarium and Bixby Bridge. We love the area and hope to return soon. I plan to live in the Bay Area someday.

I wrote a few provocative articles for the Florida Political Press and All Right Magazine about a year ago. I just had to step away, but think I might have to stir things up again, after reading your inspirational piece.

Rob Reilly, Orlando, Fla.

‘The man with no game’

Dear Editor,

I saw your story on Clint Eastwood from a Drudge link. Great write up. I’ve printed it out and will pass it around.

I suppose it could have been titled “The man with no name vs. the man with no game.”

M. Norris, Magnolia, Texas

Pine Cone causes excitement

Dear Editor,

We receive the Pine Cone online and were waiting excitedly for your story Friday morning about Clint. (Even read it before we left for golf at 6:30 a.m.)

 When we heard Brian Williams on NBC news say, “Clint had finally broken his silence,” I said, “He will NEVER credit The Pine Cone,” but Andrea Mitchell covered a few of the highlights of the story and even showed the front page of The Pine Cone!

Congratulations on making NBC Nightly News. You always have the “inside story” on many subjects, and it was great to see you get the credit you deserve.

Harry & Karen Galloway, Folsom

‘Interesting timeline’

Dear Editor,

Congratulations on a great article on Clint Eastwood and his convention appearance. I saw it mentioned on Drudge first, read it and shared it with others. As the day went on, I heard it on the Tom Marr Show (WCBM Baltimore), on Rush Limbaugh, and Sean Hannity, and I know others are talking about it too. Your article seems to have a life of its own now. Super job!

I thought Clint did a wonderful job with his “empty chair” bit — really got his point across. It was interesting to read the timeline you outlined of how he came to using that chair at practically the last minute.

I’m so glad you are getting so much publicity for The Carmel Pine Cone.

Mary Anne Barothy, Baltimore, Md.

Politicians are ‘useless blowhards’

Dear Editor,

Thank you so much for your exclusive interview with Clint Eastwood. I am one of those independent thinkers who regard most politicians as useless blowhards. Eastwood was absolutely marvelous in his performance at the RNC. The fact that it caused such consternation among the lunatic left meant it achieved its purpose. I was amused to see Bill Maher stating that Eastwood “killed them,” a back-handed compliment followed by his describing Eastwood as a “political a—hole.” Let’s see ... Maher contributed $1,000,000 to Obama’s re-election campaign. If Obama fails to be returned to office, who will be the political a—hole?

Noel Feustel, Bayport, N.Y.

Famous relative

Dear Editor,

I read your article on Clint Eastwood’s speech this morning. Patrick Henry gave a memorable speech at St. John’s Church in which he encouraged all Americans to wage war for freedom and liberty. My blood-uncle did not use an “empty chair” when he said “give me liberty or give me death,” but I know that he would be very pleased with Mr. Eastwood’s “make my day” at a critical moment in our nation’s history.  Please pass on my support to Mr. Eastwood on behalf of my uncle. I know Uncle Patrick would be proud. Mr. Eastwood is in my family’s prayers.

Austin Davis, Nashville, Tenn.

‘What an 80-year-old can do’

Dear Editor,

I want to thank you for your piece on Mr. Eastwood’s “Empty Chair” bit at the RNC. Your article filled in some of the background of just how much thought Mr. Eastwood put into the project.
That was a fabulous spin Mr. Eastwood put on what the oval office has been since January 2009. The added touch of dead teleprompters just put the bit over the top for just how shallow and empty Mr. Obama is. I only wish I could thank Mr. Eastwood for his performance.

The mainstream media missed a great opportunity to get the whole story of what a great actor can do even if he is over 80.

Les Cable, North Platte, Neb.

Eastwood ‘a gentleman’

Dear Editor,

I love your article about Mr. Eastwood! He was the best thing about the convention for me. My late husband (and two of his brothers) were in Outlaw Josey Wales when it was shot here in Oroville. Clint was a pleasure to work with and such a gentleman always. Being in the movie with him was a highlight of my Jim’s life. I admire him greatly for his honesty and bravery to come out as a conservative in la la land Hollywood. Only because he is the greatest star to come from there can he do it. It is always difficult to be a conservative thinker in this state.

Berthe Mastelotto, Oroville

Struggling in this economy

Dear Editor,

I want to thank you for getting a follow up interview with Clint Eastwood. It was great to hear his reaction to the media’s criticism, and it was encouraging to hear that he was aware of the positive support he got from many Americans. For myself and my family, it’s great to have someone in Hollywood have the balls to be a conservative and tell it like is. Clint was right about a lot of things he said, especially being able to relate to the average American. My family and I, like most Americans, are struggling in this economy. I am thankful that we are better off than most, but I still have to work hard just to make ends meet. To see Clint Eastwood at The RNC was a great motivation. His comments were genuine and a welcome break from the b.s. we are spoon fed from the media on a daily basis. Feel free to let him know that another “average” American is behind his appearance 100 percent. Thanks again for the interview.

Peter-James Miller, Lake Mary, Fla.

‘Ought to be preserved’

Dear Editor,

Greatly enjoyed your interview with Mr. Eastwood. It was informative and gave me an insight into his thinking I never had before. Mr. Eastwood’s “performance” at the convention was a highlight and ought to be preserved for the gem it is.

Thank you again for the interview. I have subscribed to the PDF edition of your newspaper. It also looks like a gem.

Ron Lankford. Nashville, Tenn.

‘Set record straight’

Dear Editor,

I absolutely loved Clint Eastwood’s speech. Please thank him for a grateful nation. Mr. Eastwood is a treasure, and I’m so glad you had an opportunity to set the record straight with him.

Marcia Berkowitz, Maui, Hawaii

‘Trembles’ at Obama

Dear Editor,

I have been an admirer of Clint Eastwood as a fine actor who epitomizes all that is good and decent about the ordinary American. He is perfectly right in his analysis that the current U.S President is the worst thing that happened to the country and the world. But Obama is a charismatic person who speaks well. That is where Romney/Ryan must change.

I tremble at the thought of another four years under this administration.

Kumar Soysa, Toronto, Canada

‘A good read’

Dear Editor,

I just read your feature about Clint Eastwood. I not only read it word for word, but called my husband at work and said that he must read this on his lunch break, as much for the writing style as the content.

Wow: A feature that is grammatically correct, that flows beautifully, that is big on color, background and context, that knows how how to be selective with a good quote and (miracle of miracles) that was written by writer who does not insinuate himself in the story. Imagine an interview with Eastwood without an “I” look-at-me pronoun from the writer.

When was the last time I read a news feature as effortlessly, with such good detail that gave readers an inside seat on Mr. Eastwood’s day leading up to his speech, and the aftermath? Can’t recall.

The day prior to the GOP convention, I heard a radio report leading with “hundreds of journalists” descend on Tampa. My husband looked at me and said, “too bad someone forgot to invite any reporters.”

Well, at least one reporter was watching.

Thanks again for what has become, sadly, all too rare in print media: “a good read.”
Let’s hope that what Mr. Eastwood said, and today’s employment numbers, stick in enough brains in the polling booth come November.

Dorothy Lipovenko, Montreal, Canada

‘Very bright seniors’

Dear Editor,

Thank you for an excellent review of Clint Eastwood’s presentation at the RNC. We are very bright seniors here and share most of the left/right positions of Mr. Eastwood and none of the extremes of either party. The presentation was fun, informative, and on the mark, except for deriding Vice President Biden. Those of us who watched the Nixon impeachment process have never had a high opinion of Joe’s intellect but over the years he has proven to be a decent guy. Maybe we should acknowledge that quality in our public figures.

Everett Stewart, Oak Ridge, Tenn.

‘Near idolotrous adulation’

Dear Editor,

I have been a fan of Clint Eastwood since Rawhide days. He is one of Hollywood’s best without a doubt.

His comments were right-on about Obama. A hoax of monstrous proportion ladled upon an unsuspecting, non-critical electorate seeking something for nothing.

And even worse is the near idolatrous adulation of a guy selling snake oil solutions. The world has seen this political act before. Obama never held a job in the real world of business where people put their and/or investor money to work to make or build something. He is a political animal and nothing else. Time for the USA to wake up and stop drinking the progressive Kool-Aid.

Ed Keele, Overland Park, Kan.

Obama’s legacy

Dear Editor,

I would like to send my thanks to Clint Eastwood for his convention presentation. It is refreshing to see that there are some people on the left coast that can still make level-headed decisions without being influenced by the hoard of far-lefts out there.

This country has become so polarized that it is difficult for the average person to come to a logical conclusion about the presidency. To me, the best way is to see what a candidate has done rather than what they say or promise. That is why Clint’s presentation was so important because so many people look up to him.

Our country is moving into difficult times, and if President Obama wins, the problems will get worse. The gulf between well-off and poor has gotten much larger, and Obama’s populist campaign has so polarized this country that it is becoming such a deep hole we will have trouble digging our way out. That is Obama’s legacy, I believe, and one he will never shake.

Rob Aydelette, Naples, Fla.

Article ‘refreshing’

Dear Editor,

We thoroughly enjoyed your newspaper’s piece on Clint Eastwood because it seemed as though the interview was printed without any bias and that Mr. Eastwood’s word were relayed as he meant them to be. It was refreshing.

Karen and Frank DeFeo, Benson, Vt.

Eastwood’s ‘crap’

Dear Editor,

I’m a independent moderate who has always respected Clint.  He aimed at reaching my demographic and did nothing but embarrass himself at the convention.  The extent to which he is out of touch is remarkable and to call our President ‘the greatest hoax ever’ is disrespectful and absurd.  The greatest hoax ever was his Thalberg Award given the list of crap he’s released the last five years.

Lucas A. Ortega, New York, N.Y.

‘Save us from far left, far right’

Dear Editor,

Thank you for giving us a different slant on Clint Eastwood’s speech at the RNC. I personally thought it was very clever, and I say, “Thank goodness,” for those very few brave souls in Hollywood who dare speak out. Do you know what kills me? The Democrats. They like to suggest their inclusiveness but when it comes to another point of view, that’s where it ends. From the East coast here in Maine I would like to suggest, and can only pray, that perhaps the election will be lost by the far left. I, too, am one of those Independents who is pro choice and supports gay marriage but fiscally I’m totally conservative — kinda like I run my household. Save us from the far left and the far right!

Jean Gildersleeve, York, Maine