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Teenager survives leap from bridge


Published: June 10, 2011

A 16-YEAR-OLD Carmel High School student who jumped from the Rocky Creek Bridge last month lived through his suicide attempt and was flown to a San Jose area trauma center by CALSTAR helicopter for treatment of his injuries, according to medics and the Monterey County Sheriff’s Office.

Sheriff’s Cmdr. Lisa Nash reported a passerby dialed 911 after seeing the teenager jump from the bridge the morning of May 27.

The first deputy to arrive “looked over the east side of bridge and saw a male 200 feet below, not moving,” she said.

He summoned the sheriff’s search and rescue team and went to talk to the crew of an ambulance at the scene, and together they saw the injured boy lift his head.

“They had to get special equipment to get down the dirt road, because the ambulance couldn’t get down there,” she continued, so the medical crew and deputies used a sheriff’s office patrol truck to make their way to the victim.

“When they got down there, they saw the guy was standing,” she said.

Paramedics tended to the teenager and brought him back up the hillside, where a Salinas-based California Shock Trauma Air Rescue helicopter landed in the highway to carry him to a trauma center because of the severity of the accident and his injuries.

The deputy also located the boy’s car near the bridge, according to Nash. Music was blaring from the unoccupied vehicle, and he found some handwritten documents inside that alluded to the boy’s struggles.

“Obviously it’s an attempted suicide,” she said. “But he survived.”