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Cat killer baits antifreeze with food


Published: October 30, 2009

THE PERSON who placed a dish of antifreeze in a flower bed of a Pacific Grove apartment complex to kill a tenantшs cat in September set out two more bowls of the poison, this time adding food to the toxic soup so it would be more enticing to felines.

Jackie Edwardsш cat, Lily, died Sept. 28 after being poisoned with ethylene glycol, the ingredient in automobile antifreeze. Someone had placed a bowl of the chemical, which can be appealing to cats and dogs, inside Edwardsш apartment complex and one outside near the P.G. recreation trail.

Bread and fish

On Oct. 13 and 15, two more bowls of antifreeze were discovered at Edwardsш apartment complex by the buildingшs manager. One dish was found on the third floor landing and another in the garden. Unlike the first bowls, these also had food soaked in antifreeze.

шI found a little plastic container with bread and antifreeze,ш she said. шA resident found the bottom of a Coke bottle. It had some sort of fish and antifreeze in it.ш

Edwards said she was shocked to think the person still wants to kill cats.

шIt makes me sick to think that this person is continuing this malice,ш Edwards said Wednesday.

The apartment manager, who declined to be identified, said she called the police, who made a report of the crime. Officers suggested she install video cameras in the complex. шWe are just watching and looking,ш she said.

Edwards and the apartment manager believe a tenant set out the bowls of antifreeze. The manager issued a notice to tenants letting them know that they would be reported to police and evicted if caught.

шI also told people to keep their cats inside,ш she said, adding that there are only one or two cats living at the complex off Lighthouse Avenue.

Edwards, a Pine Cone employee, said she was stunned to learn more antifreeze has been found.

шItшs sad that a human being could be so cruel,ш she said. шI was starting to put Lilyшs death behind me, and every time I do, something else comes up.ш

The act of cruelty has led her to keep one eye open.

шItшs making me suspicious of my neighbors,ш she said. шIшm starting to look around and watch people a little more.ш

At the same time, Edwards said most tenants have been very supportive.

шPeople are still coming up to me,ш she said. шThey have been so wonderful and so caring, and thatшs the only good thing thatшs come out of it.ш